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The magic of Our Big Box is in helping people build a pictorial view of loved ones lives. Individuals often have pictures of key events in their lives such as holidays, weddings and family gatherings. They are less likely though to have lots of pictures of things such as where they grew up or to represent their career and that is where our archive partners become essential.

Our Big Box would like to give huge thanks to the following archive partners who have given us access to their vast collections.

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Can you help us to help people living with dementia to spark old memories and new conversations?

Our Big Box is building partnerships with picture collections throughout the UK. It doesn?t matter what the subject matter is or how large or small the collection is. We would like the opportunity to discuss with you how we utilise partner collections, how your IP is respected and above all, the benefit and happiness your pictures could bring to people living with dementia.

To start your conversation with our Archive Partner Manager email